Wings of Destiny prides themselves on providing empowerment tools and resources for women who have been in Domestic Violence relationships and situations. For the first time EVER - Wings of Destiny is providing a COMPLETELY FREE Meditation Workshop that will be conducted weekly in the heart of Springfield Central. 

During this workshop - Wings of Destiny CEO and Founder - Kate Worsfold, will take you through a guided 40 min meditation of pure relaxation and YOU time.

After the meditation has finished, Kate, in partnership with other community experts in their field, will host a MASTER CLASS of approx. 15 - 20 duration. Each master class will be different weekly on a rotating cycle. Master Classes will range from - 

  • How to heal using Aroma Therapy and Essential Oils Modality

  • Chakra Energy Healing

  • How to use Crystals and Crystal Grids to find empowerment and healing

  • Personal Motivation and Priming Techniques to raise your vibration daily

... and many more.

Meditation is a practise that has been used for centuries around the world. There are so many reasons why the psychological benefits of meditation can help empower women after DV. Meditation reduces stress related conditions such as anxiety and depression and helps to find balance and inner pease. When we meditate, the brain and nervous system undergo radical changes that cause the reduction and prevention of these conditions. Meditation increases stress resilience. 


When we are able to switch off the sympathetic nervous system (responsible for the fight or flight response) and trigger the parasympathetic nervous system (responsible for the relaxation response) on a regular basis, we are training our bodies to rapidly recover from the impact of stress. Over time the brain learns how to stablise the autonomic nervous system in everyday life without having to switch into the fight or flight response when faced with challenges or demands. A perfect tool to deal with PTSD. Meditation is also proven to increase our level of positive emotions. There are a few reasons why this happens.


The simplest reason is the reduction of stress. When we reduce the stress in our system we return to our natural state of feeling calm, connected to ourselves and confident in meeting the challenges of life. When we experience this it feels good and it shows! Meditation in addition to all these amazing benefits helps to increase our focus and awareness of our present moment. When we meditate, we stimulate the pre-frontal cortex. This is the front part of the brain that is responsible for concentration, focus and problem solving among many other important functions.

As Wings of Destiny is primarily a support and empowerment service that is based on a holistic approach - this is the reason why we believe this type of MODALITY is ESSENTIAL for women to find empowerment and healing after DV. And because of its huge benefits and importance - we believe EACH and EVERY WOMAN should have access to such a sensory experience at no cost.


When we learn how to heal from trauma and abuse on a mind, body and soul level, our healing and empowerment becomes stronger and more sustainable long term.

JOIN US for our ENTIRELY FREE MEDITATION WORKSHOP and bring your friends!

When: Every Thursday starting 4th April

Where: Orion Springfield Library Event Room 1

Time: 10am

Duration: 1hr

Who: Women ONLY

What to Bring: A bottle of water, a yoga mat (if you have one or a towel to lay on is fine), a note pad and pen

Kid Friendly?  It would be preferred for children NOT to attend please so as to not to disturb the meditation session

Registration: Please visit our FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE to register your attendance so that we have an idea of numbers and capacity.

Every woman who attends who registers at the door will enter into the draw weekly to win a FREE GIFT

Go within every day and find the inner strength so that the world will not blow your candle out.”


Katherine Dunham


Due to unforseen circustances - Wings of Destiny is currently not trading. We are looking into our courses being available online through webinars and self pace programs. Should you wish to purchase our self help book "Destined to be ... ME" please visit our shop.

Please stay safe and we wish you all the very best of love and light on your journey of healing after DV